Predict patient no shows. Increase patient access.

The Streamline platform tracks and predicts patient no shows by provider, site, and specialty, so health centers can increase patient access, deliver more care, and recover lost revenue.

The cost of patient no
shows is significant

Lost per patient no show
Lost per year for a solo practice
$150 billion
Lost per year for the industry

The cost is not just financial either.

When a patient no shows, care is denied to two patients: the patient that did not show and the patient that could not show.

Streamline’s Approach to Patient No Shows


The first step to solving a problem is to continually track it, yet many health centers don’t have real-time access to patient no show data.

Streamline tracks patient no shows by site, specialty, and provider.


Many health centers and providers know from personal experience which patients don’t typically show up, but this information isn’t institutionalized nor immune from human error.

Streamline’s data science model predicts patient no shows.


Many health centers have taken steps to decrease their no show rate, like onboarding tools to automate reminders and arranging transportation, but no shows remain a problem.

Streamline identifies specific patients in a provider's schedule at-risk of no showing and recommends the best course of action.

Do you know how much your center loses to patient no shows?

See for yourself.

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The costs of patient no shows are enormous. The costs are not only financial either. When a patient no shows, two patients don’t receive care: the patient that didn’t show and the patient that couldn’t show.

Patient No shows plague our healthcare industry


lost per patient no show


lost every year for an individual physician-owned practice

$150 billion

lost every year for the healthcare industry

Onboarding healthcare IT solutions is burdensome. Streamline is not.

Typical IT Solution
Implementation Time
6-12 months
< Month
Immediate Value
Internal Change Management
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