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Improve patient access and financial sustainability with our best-in-class data platform

Streamline's platform - built by healthcare data scientists - allows healthcare leaders to better manage their organization through data

What Streamline can do for your organization

Stronger financial position

Improve provider utilization through careful tracking and strategic appointment double-booking, creating a more financially sustainable organization
Better organizational
Track utilization by locations and specialty to inform hiring; identify which providers are overburdened to see who is at risk of burnout
Improved patient experience

Increase patient access by strategically double-booking, allowing patients to get they care they need without needing to add additional resources

What our customers are saying

"Great partners...automated our analysis"

"Streamline has been great partners, and they've helped us answer important questions. They've automated our analysis and empowered our analyst to develop data that we were not able to achieve without their help"

Don Erwin, CEO

How it works

Meet & Connect

We meet with your team to understand your goals and quickly and securely connect to your EHR system

Test & Build

We buildout your platform and test it with senior leadership


We maintain the platform so your team is always looking has accurate and up-to-date insights

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