Analytics for FQHCs

Replace your spreadsheets with Streamline and see your KPIs in real-time

Streamline's platform - built by healthcare data scientists for healthcare providers - allows FQHCs to unlock the power of their data

What Streamline can do for your organization

Better operational systems
See provider utilization to optimize scheduling and improve productivity

Compare what appts. patients request vs. what they receive to improve patient experience

Stronger financial position
Monitor claim denial rates and diagnose the underlying drivers

Audit misclassified appointments and charges to ensure nothing is left on the table
Improved patient care
Track value-based care metrics and proactively identify key drivers

Compare patient experiences and outcomes to benchmarks to identify where to focus

What our customers are saying

"Great partners...automated our analysis"

"Streamline has been great partners, and they've helped us answer important questions. They've automated our analysis and empowered our analyst to develop data that we were not able to achieve without their help"


How it works


We securely connect to your EHR, scheduling, or billing systems


We clean and process your data


We deliver your KPIs to you in an interactive dashboard or through your preferred method

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