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The cost of patient no
shows is significant

Lost per patient no show
Lost per year for a solo practice
$150 billion
Lost per year for the industry

The cost is not just financial either.

When a patient no shows, care is denied to two patients: the patient that did not show and the patient that could not show.

Overbooking can be a powerful tool for increasing visit volume and utilization...

...but existing strategies are outdated and ineffective
  • Frustrated providers - current overbooking strategies don’t set them up for success, inhibiting their ability to deliver quality care
  • Upset patients - overbooking today often leads to “scheduling conflicts”, resulting in longer patient wait times
  • Internal friction - overbooking today can cause tension between staff and providers, resulting in worse outcomes for everyone

Streamline's overbooking solution is data-driven, provider-first, and platform-free


Powered by a predictive model built and tested by Johns Hopkins Public Health data scientists

Incorporates 15+ correlated data variables to deliver a patient-level no show score


Surfaces predictions to care teams daily, allowing providers to be involved in overbooking decisions

Never recommends more than one overbook per hour, ensuring providers aren’t overburdened


No more third-party portals, logins, or clunky reports… just the information you need, when you need it

Streamline deliver daily emails with overbooking opportunities to your care team’s inbox each morning

Streamline is proven to increase visits and access to care while ensuring providers' schedules stay smooth

50% more providers accepting overbooks
10X more overbooked appointments
5% increase in visit volume
Hear how one practice is overbooking
with Streamline today

“We attempted to do things to increase utilization, but since working
with Streamline, we’ve seen exponential results”

Alexandria Fischer, St. Thomas CHC

Do you know how much your center loses to patient no shows?

See for yourself.

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The costs of patient no shows are enormous. The costs are not only financial either. When a patient no shows, two patients don’t receive care: the patient that didn’t show and the patient that couldn’t show.

Overbooking is a powerful solution for helping practices better manage no shows.

Overall, 90% of practices think they could better manage no shows.

Streamline has talked with more than 100 practices to understand how groups approach no shows today. Click below to learn more.

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Patient No shows plague our healthcare industry


lost per patient no show


lost every year for an individual physician-owned practice

$150 billion

lost every year for the healthcare industry

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"Streamline has been great partners, and they've helped us answer important questions. They've automated our analysis and empowered our analyst to develop data that we were not able to achieve without their help"

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