Internal Alignment: Calculating the No Show Rate

What does it mean to calculate your no show rate?

A key key performance indicator (KPI) for practices is their no show rate. A no show rate gives practices insight into a number of key operational components, like provider utilization.

How do practices calculate their no show rate today?

  1. 6% of practices aren't sure
  2. 44% calculate it using marked no shows in their EHR
  3. 31% calculate through marked no shows and same-day cancellations
  4. 19% calculate through marked no shows and same-day cancellations/reschedules

What is the most accurate and actionable way to calculate the no show rate?

Marked no shows + same-day cancellations/reschedules gives practices the most accurate picture of their no show rate and the corresponding size of the problem.

Key reasons

  1. A “no show” affects practices because it’s unused doctor time. Same-day cancellations and reschedules often result in the same practice waste. 
  2. To have the complete picture on “unused doctor time”, it’s important to include same-day cancellations and reschedules in the no show definition.

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