Internal Alignment: Tracking No Shows

What does it mean to track no shows?

Tracking no shows means understanding the no show rate as a key KPI and continually measuring it to assess performance and progress.

How do practices track no shows today?

  1. 7% of practices do not track their no show rate
  2. 23% occasionally draw reports with varying levels of confidence in data
  3. 30% regularly draw reports with moderate levels of confidence in data 
  4. 40% have an accurate system that automatically tracks no shows and allows for filtering by key areas

What is the best way to track no shows?

As a key KPI, tracking no shows through an accurate system that automatically tracks the metric and allows for filtering by key areas (like specific providers) allows practices to easily incorporate this data into their decision-making.

Key reasons:

  1. No show rates vary greatly within and across practices
  2. Some providers, sites, and specialties have higher no show rates than others
  3. The quality of no show data is highly variable - tracking rates through an automated and reliable system is the only way to make the data actionable

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