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You don't need yet another ELT tool - you need a person

ELT tools are important but they, along with a data engineering team, can be expensive - Streamline offers an alternative

You don't need yet another ELT tool - you need a person

A lot of companies want to organize and use the data that they collect - financial, operational, marketing, inventory, investments, and more.

Sometimes it is as simple as wanting visibility into how their business operates; sometimes it is something more ambitious with predictive analytics or AI - regardless, the first step is always to set up a data infrastructure that lets people at the company use data.

Most of the time, data isn't the primary function of the company, though it could be a valuable resource they are missing out on. So they want their data infrastructure to just work, but they don't want to spend a lot of focus on what is essentially a plumbing issue. This is such a big problem in the market that huge numbers of tools and platforms have sprung up to tackle it.

Many of these tools promise no-code or low-code solutions to Extract, Load, Transform (ELT). And for the parts where machines talk to machines these tools are really good! What do I mean by machines talking to machines? If you are pulling data from an API that is one computer automatically accessing data from another computer or database. This is a hard technical problem, but solvable! And lots of companies have figured out how to solve it in a somewhat low-code way.

However, when computers meet humans, there still isn't a good tool solution out there. You basically have to figure out what people want to see (merge inventory with finance, fix all the ways that Jenny's inventory labels for products don't match Adam's marketing labels for products, and ignore all products that are sold on Amazon) and then set up a system to make just that data show up for decision makers to use.

The trouble is there are no low-code or no-code tools that make it easy to do this kind of work. There are some really cool efforts focused on making transformations and other code more version controlled and easier to put in production but now you need someone who both codes and is good at getting to the heart of the business problem.

This means to set up a modern "data stack" you don't just need tools - you need someone who

  • (a) understands databases
  • (b) understands how to identify and connect cloud tools for ELT
  • (c) knows how to code to create transformations that pull the right cuts of the data at the right time

What if you just want your data to work without all that? What if you don't want to navigate the forest of ELT products because you don't have the time or bandwidth?

That's why we created Streamline

We meet with customers, find out what information they really need to make decisions, how often they need it, where they want to receive it, then set up a data pipeline that delivers the information they need when they need it.

Streamline Data

No connecting multiple ELT tools, setting up and maintaining data technology stacks, no deep dives in the technicalities of data infrastructure. Just data that gives you the information you need, when you need it. Visit Streamline Data Science

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