St. Thomas Community Health Center


In 2021, St.Thomas, a FQHC in New Orleans, faced a difficult challenge: how to increase patient access while maintaining operations despite the financial hardships faced due to the pandemic.

“Our goal was to accurately predict patient no shows so that our providers could overbook themselves without penalizing patients or overwhelming providers”
Alexandria Fischer, Senior Data Analyst


St. Thomas, with Streamline, developed an automated solution that empowered its team with actionable data to:

  • Predict specific patients in a provider’s schedule likely to no show
  • Strategically overbook and accept walk-in appointments


The expansion of patient access and increase in center revenue has been immediate:

  • 10 additional patients seen per day through strategic overbooking (2,500 more per year)
  • $500K increase in annualized revenue
"Streamline has been great partners, and they've helped us answer important questions”
Dr. Donald Erwin, CEO