A New Superpower for FQHCs: Predicting Patient No Shows

A New Superpower for FQHCs: Predicting Patient No Shows

December 6, 2022

In December 2022, Streamline participated in a webinar hosted by FQHC Associates alongside St. Thomas Community Health Center, an FQHC in New Orleans and Streamline’s very first client. 

The webinar was hosted by Steve Weinman, the founder of FQHC Associates and a former FQHC CEO, with participation from Charlie Drain, Streamline’s CEO, and Alexandria Fischer, a Senior Data Analyst at St. Thomas. 

The webinar explored how St. Thomas is predicting no shows to expand patient access, improve provider productivity, and drive additional center revenue. 

In the middle of the webinar (30:40 to 32:40 window), an exchange between Steve and Alexandria captures the impact St. Thomas is seeing working with Streamline to predict patient no shows:

Steve Weinman: “I see you were actually making a little bit of progress here before but it really shot up when you implemented the Streamline system”
Alexandria Fischer: “We attempted to do other things in the past to increase overbooking and increase utilization of [provider] time but once we started working with Streamline back in April to develop this and then implement it in May, we really started seeing some exponential results”

If you’re interested in driving similar impact at your FQHC, please reach out. We’re currently working with FQHCs in a number of states and are excited to continue bringing this solution to centers across the country. 

Popular Sections

  • 4:20 - 7:06. Charlie describes the Streamline platform, how FQHCs implement it into their workflows to address patient no shows, and the early results centers are seeing.
  • 8:00 - 8:56. Steve describes how Streamline can be used as a tool to track and improve UDS figures, including patient visits and provider productivity. 
  • 12:10 - 13:50. Alexandria describes how St. Thomas is using predictive no show data today.
  • 14:50 - 17:12. Alexandria describes how providers are placed at the forefront of overbooking decisions and have seen significant buy-in and engagement as a result.
  • 21:05 - 24:06. Alexandria, Steve, and Charlie discuss strategies to decrease no show rates, particularly for those that frequently no show. (Streamline’s team has found that 50% of no shows come from just 10% of a center’s population.)
  • 30:40 - 32:40. Alexandria describes the results St. Thomas is seeing.
  • 33:20 - 34:03. Alexandria describes the working relationship between St. Thomas and Streamline.
  • 54:17 - 56:30. Alexandria, Steve, and Charlie discuss pricing, the additional revenue St. Thomas is driving, and the overall ROI.